eCommerce with Google Sheets and NextJS

Early steps into eCommerce with Google Sheets for indie Instagram based eCommerce brand.

❓ Unmet needs

An indie artist approached us with the requirement to setup an eCommerce Store to sell her products online. They dominantly operated out of Instagram and were looking for a solution to sell art and merchandise online.

🏹 Objectives

A simple eCommerce Store, where products could be sold directly to customers with minimal third party fees. The products and orders should be easily manageable.

🖼 Products

From doodles to watercolours to digital art in premium stationery, the artist dealt with the following range of products:

  • Notebooks
  • Calendars
  • Postcards
  • Stickers

🗺 Solution

Google Sheet Backend

Google Sheets for Products - Chronos by Coffee

  1. For Products: To easily manage products, a Google sheet was setup as the backend with a list of products and the following information:

    1. id
    2. name
    3. image
    4. description
    5. price
    6. manufacturer
    7. type
    8. quantity
    9. weight
    10. size
    11. images
  2. For Orders: A sheet to capture orders with the following information:

    1. order_no
    2. items
    3. name
    4. address
    5. phone_number
    6. email
    7. bill_amount
    8. order_date
    9. payment_status
    10. order_status

NextJS Frontend

The Google Sheets were integrated to a frontend website built in Next JS. Next JS, being a production grade framework for ReactJS, allowed to leveraged the server side rendering and dynamic component structure. We were able to create a simple and elegant eCommerce site with support for:

  • Product listing
  • Search
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Pages like FAQ and Terms
  • Photo Gallery

Chronos Frontend

📈 Impact

  • 50+ products catalogued and managed.
  • Order tracking and shipping made easy.
  • 500+ products shipped
  • 5000+ people reached.

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